I will create a post entitled, 3 simple reasons NOT to ship FBA as well.

But for this one, let’s look at some key reasons one would want to send products through Amazon Fulfillment instead of Merchant Fulfillment. You can use Ecomio in both scenarios, so we aren’t biased.

Note, Ecomio is software for Amazon sellers, so we’re assuming you know what FBA means and what non-FBA (MFN) is. If you don’t, no problem, just head over to our beginners post and take a look.

Now, here are the 3 reasons.

1.  You will sell more

This one sounds obvious, but the first time you sit down to consider FBA, you may not truly understand the impact this has. You will get the buy box more often if your products are sent to Amazon. And just to be clear, having your products in FBA shows the Amazon.com shopper the “Prime” logo next to your offer, giving you a much higher chance to get the sale.

2. You will save money on handling in some cases

This is when the Amazon FBA calculator comes in handy. You need to figure out if it makes sense for you to do it. If the math works though, you should definitely do it. Be sure to keep in mind you will incur some costs handling it at your end before you ship it in to FBA.

3. Your feedback score could get a boost

People love fast shipping. They leave feedback on FBA orders just like MFN. So if they get great shipping, they will be less likely to leave negative feedback. This is just another way you could potentially sell more because even a small swing in your feedback score can mean you get the buybox less often.

That’s all for now. Thanks for checking out ecomio. Come back often for more tips on selling on Amazon and working with FBA.