Amazon Beginners Glossary

Here is a quick reference of terms you’ll see used on this site.

  • Ecomio is a software for making better buying decisions as an Amazon seller. This glossary will be useful in reading our blogs.


Buy Box – The “Offer” that will be selected when the customer adds an item to their cart. This “Offer” gets the sale.

Offer – Amazon’s term for the combination of a seller, a product, a size/color/model , a listing and a price for that product. This is the lowest level line item of what a person buys on the site.

Listing – Amazon’s term for the high level product page that includes all the offers for a particular thing. This is the bucket that all the sizes, colors and options get dropped into.

AFN – Amazon fulfillment network. Just another way of saying FBA.

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon – This is how sellers can send their inventory to Amazon to be shipped to Amazon purchasers as well as purchasers on other websites. When a product is FBA, it will show with the Prime logo on Amazon and be shipped using the Prime policy.

MFN – Merchant fulfillment network – This means the seller does the shipping.

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